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Our Rabbi : Rabbi Abraham Lavi

Originally from Benghazi, Libya, he comes from a long line of respected Rabbanim. His father was the Rabbi, spiritual leader, shohet and head teacher of the Talmud Torah in Benghazi.

Rabbi Lavi emigrated from Libya to London in 1967 and after several years of noticing that many Sephardim were beginning to lose their traditions through attendance to Ashkenazi services, he decided to start his own minyan in North West London.

Rabbi Lavi was Baal Koreh and Hazan at their premises in Hendon until immigrating to Israel in 1992.

After moving to Israel, he established a Sephardi congregation in Raanana. He acted as spiritual leader, Baal Koreh and Hazan. He also set up an after-school Talmud Torah which was very well attended. In addition to this he tutored boys for their Barmitzvah and gave general Limmudei Kodesh lessons.

Rabbi Lavi received his Smicha in Israel by the Dayan of the Beth Din of Bnei Brak.

Rabbi Lavi is wonderfully assisted by his devoted wife, D'vora. They have four children: Simone, Dov, Raphael and Sheerelle and a number of grandchildren.

Fri, 12 August 2022 15 Av 5782